​​​Hey Kemosabe!
The Days (and Nights) of a Radio Idyll

Hey Kemosabe! The Days (and Nights) of a Radio Idyll pulls back the curtain on those wizards of the airwaves who captivated millions of radio listeners during the tumultuous 1960s and '70s. Focusing on the stars of WABC in New York, it's an episodic romp through an era of change. From the arrival of the Beatles to the Summer of Sam; from political assassinations to the murder of John Lennon, disc jockeys like "Big" Dan Ingram, "Cousin" Bruce Morrow and Chuck Leonard were the voices that guided us through unprecedented upheaval. The book melds memoir with fiction and the accounts of the events from the deejays themselves to provide a unique peek at their times; the partying, the high jinks and. at times, the heartbreaking personal loss.

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